Feb 17, 2016 in Case Study

Managing the assembly of 30,000 Do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts

You finally got it! A huge order from a retail customer you’ve been chasing for months. All that’s required is that you kit thousands or hundreds of thousands of units requiring thousands of hours of labor to assemble. Do you hire expensive or unreliable (or both!) temporary labor to manage the project in cluttered warehouse aisles? Do you have the staff to supervise the project to ensure it’s assembled correctly and in time to meet your customer’s delivery window? Do you struggle to ensure the right finished products will be shipped to the right store or distribution center? Many warehouses are good at filling large discrete orders but are often ill-prepared to manage these large once or twice a year kitting projects.

A Case Study in Efficiency and Cost Savings

A rapidly growing do-it-yourself (DIY) crafts company selling to over 5,000 retail locations landed a new national consumer goods retail customer and a huge first-time order. The order, which was months in development, was for 30,000 units made up of three different kits, comprised of 29 components, four sub-assemblies, instructions and sealing a container and was being shipped to three distribution centers. But, the big new order had one very large requirement………It had to arrive within four weeks in order to be on the shelves for the upcoming holiday season. Anxious to make their new customer happy while efficiently and cost-effectively fulfilling the order would be difficult with their limited warehouse space and the short delivery window. This DIY company was in a bind and needed help……fast !

The XB Fulfillment team was brought in to consult and design a fast and cost effective solution. Drawing from decades of experience, an XB Fulfillment’s industrial engineer created process flows, time studies and personnel requirements to ensure the project could be completed within the tight time frame imposed by the retail customer. Teams were assembled building the most time consuming sub-assemblies first which were then fed into teams to kit the sub-assembled parts with individual components into finished products. Ultimately, the 30,000 units were delivered to store shelves in time for the holiday season where the DIY crafts flew off the shelf!

XB Fulfillment can not only help you more efficiently manage your projects, but we’ll also do it at a cost savings of 30%.

XB Fulfillment increases your customer satisfaction, retention and profitability by having the expertise to get kitting projects completed on-time, every time. And … for 30% less than it is costing you today!

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