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3PL and Order Fulfillment Solutions

box-shipping-in-a-warehouse XB Fulfillment is a leading 3PL (third-party logistics company in southern California) which works with you to design customized value-added warehousing, order fulfillment, and distribution solutions. We can be your single stop for outsourced fulfillment, and we will help you efficiently manage, process, ship, and distribute your products for significantly less than you pay today with your current order fulfillment provider. We pride ourselves at being one of the best 3PL companies through our 100+ years of collective experience, and our multitalented team members, being highly responsive and driven to achieve operational excellence within the third-party logistics and solutions space. X Direct, Ecommerce, Order fulfillment solutions, Value added services, Vendor managed inventory and Transportation management.

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Learn Our Shipping Secrects in this Four Minute Video

Learn Our Secret

Watch our four minute video which reveals the secret to how XB Logistics can save you 30% on your warehousing, pick, pack and ship costs!

Learn Our Shipping Secrects in this Four Minute Video

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