Aug 25, 2015 in Fulfillment

Problem: Good at Big Box Order Fulfillment but Not Small Parcels to Consumers?

Solution: The Experts at XB Fulfillment Not Only Provide a Hassle-FREE Solution, But Save You 30%. Guaranteed!

Many warehouses are good at filling large discrete orders for big box retailers: pallet in/pallet out, or pallet in/carton out. They are often ill-prepared, and inefficient at fulfilling B2C e-commerce orders and small parts’ replacement orders. The processes and skill set required to fulfill these small orders differs in everything from personnel training to systems and infrastructure.

XB Fulfillment increases your customer satisfaction, retention and profitability by having the expertise to get the right product, to the right customer. On-time. Every time.  And … for 30% less than it is costing you today!

Here’s a short check list to help evaluate whether your warehouse or 3PL has the expertise, systems and infrastructure to support your expanding e-commerce business.

Do you, or your 3PL, have a warehouse management system that:

  • Has the ability to track orders throughout the warehouse and scan each order for accuracy at the packing station before shipping? XB DOES!
  • Automatically updates orders in the system with tracking information once they have been manifested? XB DOES!
  • Integrates orders directly from your shopping cart (Magento, Shopify, etc.) without manual intervention? XB DOES!
  • Proves real-time 24×7 access to inventory, order status, tracking information? XB DOES!

Do you, or your 3PL have the warehouse infrastructure to configure?

  • Storage solutions (shelving units, flow racking, or small bins) to optimize storage, picking and order processing? XB DOES!
  • Packing stations to process small parcels in a high volume continuous flow? XB DOES!
  • Sufficient square footage to handle peak demand periods without having to make an incremental investment in facilities and related infrastructure? XB DOES!

Do you, or your 3PL have access to skilled warehouse personnel to?

  • Pick small orders with 99.98% accuracy? XB DOES!
  • Easily handle daily spikes in order activity on short notice? XB DOES!
  • Avoid the financial impact of higher minimum wages and overtime regulation changes? XB DOES!
  • Reduce your current pick, pack and ship costs by 30% as compared to what you are paying today? XB DOES!

Timely and accurate order fulfillment is essential to driving customer satisfaction and to ensuring your business is well positioned for the highly competitive on-line market.

Invest just 15 minutes to learn how XB Fulfillment can both improve your B2C order fulfillment AND provide you with immediate 30% savings. Guaranteed! Click here.