Sep 9, 2015 in Case Study

Managing a National Point of Sale Rollout.

Are you plagued with the annual or semi-annual ritual of managing the rollout of retail POS/POP displays? Do you hire expensive or unreliable (or both!) temporary labor to manage the project in cluttered warehouse aisles? Do you struggle to ensure the right POS/POP display configurations are sent to the right stores or distribution centers? Many warehouses are good at filling large discrete orders but are often ill-prepared to manage these large once or twice a year projects.

A Case Study in Efficiency and Cost Savings.

A nationally recognized cosmetic company that replaces its point of sale displays annually for large retail customers including Walgreens, CVS, Kmart, HEB, Fred Meyer, Kroger, and Meijer, was having a distribution challenge. The displays, shipped to over 6,000 domestic retail locations and distribution centers throughout the United States in a wide variety of configurations, were commonly being delivered late with the wrong configurations shipped to the wrong retail location. Anxious to resolve these problems, they would incur expensive expedited freight charges to overnight replacement displays and then incremental labor charges from the retail stores to ensure the displays were installed and ready for their product launch. The process was time consuming, costly and frustrating for their customers, not to mention, unnecessary.

The XB Fulfillment team was brought in to design a solution. Drawing from decades of experience in distribution, the XB implementation team carefully analyzed configuration requirements by retailer, by specific location and geography. Displays were configured and pallets built, based on date requirements, an evaluation of transit times and load optimization. Ultimately, the displays were delivered on time to each and every retail location and distribution center, saving the cosmetic company thousands of dollars of expedited freight and labor charges.

XB Fulfillment can not only help you more efficiently manage your POS/POP rollout, we’ll also do it at a cost savings of 30%.

XB Fulfillment increases your customer satisfaction, retention and profitability by having the expertise to get the right POS/POP displays, to the right customer. On-time. Every time. And … for 30% less than it is costing you today!