Oct 28, 2015 in Case Study

Do you export products and struggle with applying country of destination labels on each and every individual unit? Do you hire expensive or unreliable (or both!) temporary labor to manage the project in cluttered warehouse aisles? Do you struggle to ensure labels are properly applied and do not detract from product packaging?

A Case Study in Efficiency and Cost Savings.

A leading manufacturer and distributor of beauty products regularly exports its products globally. The exported products are the same as those sold domestically but require the application of “country of destination” specific labels on each individual product. The process of labeling, not the distributor’s core competency, was very time consuming, a nuisance, and was performed in busy warehouse isles, by temporary labor, tying up critical warehouse space and essential working capital. And, because the company was so busy, supervision of the temporary workers was a challenge, impacting efficiency and not resulting in the consistent application of labels in the correct location—resulting in the blocking of important branding information.

Upon project initiation, an XB Fulfillment process engineer mapped out the labeling process, including receiving, unpackaging, label application, repackaging, palletizing and shipping. In addition, incoming quality inspection checks were inserted into the process to identify defective products. Bottles, caps and bottle printing were all inspected prior to label application. XB Fulfillment was able to manage the labeling project and not only reduce the time to label the products from six weeks to seven days, but was also able to reduce the cost and identify previously unknown QC issues.

XB Fulfillment will help you more efficiently manage your special labeling needs, whether it’s 100,000 or 1,000,000, and we’ll also do it at a cost savings of 30%.

If you have a value-added service that is manually intensive, whether it’s labeling, kitting, repackaging, tagging or bagging, we can quickly manage your project and save you money!