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Information technology plays a significant role when interacting with your 3PL provider. Many 3PL providers can readily manage and process the physical movement of your goods; however, fewer 3PLs can process those transactions seamlessly and in an integrated fashion.

In the 2016 Thirty-Party Logistics Study it was noted that “93% of this year’s shipper respondents agree that IT capabilities are a necessary element of a 3PL expertise and 59% agree that they were satisfied with the 3PL IT capabilities.” In other words, 41% of shippers were unsatisfied with their 3PL’s capabilities.

When selecting a 3PL, or evaluating the IT capabilities of your existing 3PL, there are a variety of IT factors to consider.

Does Your 3PL…

  • Have a robust warehouse management system?
  • Readily integrate with your operating system?
  • Accept orders in the manner you want (API, EDI, flat files, web portal, etc.)?
    • Integrate with your shopping cart platform?
    • Provide Access to a 24 x 7 web portal where you can:
    • Enter orders and incoming shipments?
    • Have real-time access to receipts, shipments, inventory and tracking information?
    • Create customized screens?
    • Search transactions?
    • Easily download data to a spreadsheet or PDF without requiring special support?
  • Demonstrate experience with the current and newest technology tools available for order fulfillment?

Selecting a 3PL is a big decision and considering the IT capabilities of the 3PL should be a significant factor in that decision-making process. In selecting a 3PL you’re selecting a provider that will act as the final leg of your supply chain and help contribute to the success of your business. So, ensure the IT capabilities of the 3PLs under consideration match your company’s needs.

XB Fulfillment’s warehouse management system provides a robust platform that readily integrates with your business system and allows real-time 24 x 7 access to your data. Enter orders, check on-hand status of skus and download inventory reports, hyperlink to shipper websites to track shipments; all within minimum training and without requiring your IT department intervention.

XB Fulfillment can not only help you more efficiently manage order fulfillment needs but we’ll also do it at 30% less.

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