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Managing the repackaging of 2.5 million units

Business is booming. Consumers love your products and retailers are lined up to issue purchase orders. You can barely keep inventory on the shelves. Then it happens, your overseas manufacturer incorrectly packages a huge stocking order, forgets a key component, or mis-labels/tags the product.  The goods are already on the water and now you need to rework literally hundreds of thousands of products requiring hundreds or thousands of hours of labor.  Do you hire expensive or unreliable (or both!) temporary labor to manage the project in cluttered warehouse aisles? Do you have the staff to supervise the project to ensure it’s reworked correctly and in time to meet your customer’s delivery window? Do you struggle to ensure the right finished products will be shipped to the right store or distribution center?  Many warehouses are good at filling large discrete orders but are often ill-prepared to manage these large one-off projects.

A Case Study in Efficiency and Cost Savings

A rapidly-growing, innovative consumer products company selling disposable baby goods to both big box retailers and direct to consumers experienced their worst nightmare.  Four ocean containers, with 38,000 cartons, containing 2.5 million units were manufactured with a defect and were on the water on the way to their distribution center.  With just three weeks inventory on the shelves and an expensive quote from their existing 3PL to rework the product, the Company needed an efficient and cost-effective solution…….quickly!

The XB Fulfillment team was brought in to consult and design a fast and cost-effective solution. Drawing from decades of experience, an XB Fulfillment’s industrial engineer created process flows, time studies and personnel requirements to ensure the rework project could be completed within the tight time frame imposed by the client. Teams were assembled to first repackage products and then to insert a critical missing part into the finished goods packaging. Using an inventive approach, the teams were able to insert the missing part without disassembling the finished good packaging saving critical time and money. Ultimately, 2.5 million units were reworked and available to be delivered to customers without missing a single scheduled delivery.

XB Fulfillment not only helps you more efficiently manage your projects, but we’ll do it at a cost savings of 30%.

XB Fulfillment increases your customer satisfaction, retention and profitability by having the expertise to get rework projects completed on-time, every time.   And… for 30% less than it is costing you today!

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