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You’re finally ready!  After months of new product development, a long sales cycle and working with the factory to perfect the product, the finished goods have finally arrived and are ready to ship to thousands of retail stores across the country. All that’s required is to receive the product, pick, pack and ship.  Your marketing department samples the first box and identifies a product defect.  With further inspection you find virtually every box has some level of products requiring rework.  Do you hire expensive or unreliable (or both!) temporary labor to rework the product?  Would you then manage the project in cluttered warehouse aisles? Do you have the staff to supervise the project to ensure the product is properly inspected and then reworked? And, ensure it is completed in time to meet your customer’s delivery window?  Many warehouses are good at filling large discrete orders but are often ill-prepared to manage large and time-sensitive rework projects.

A Case Study in Efficiency and Cost Savings

A leading manufacturer and distributor of beauty products to thousands of big box retail stores was ready to launch a new product. The first shipment of 80,000 units arrived to their warehouse after months of development.  The product, which was packaged in highly polished plastic dispensers, had smudges and finger prints on over 80% of the individual units of measure.  With the product scheduled to ship to customers in less than two weeks and a marketing department anxious for the product to hit retail shelves in time for a fall season rollout, the company was in a bind. With limited warehouse space and supervisors to manage a large team of temporary workers the company sought out a 3PL that could not only turn the project in three days, but in a cost effective manner that would only minimally impact their margins.

The XB Fulfillment team was brought in to consult and design a fast and cost effective solution. Drawing from decades of experience, an XB Fulfillment’s industrial engineer created process flows, time studies and staffing requirements to ensure the project would be completed within the extremely tight time frame.  A team of 30 workers was assembled to unpack, inspect, and polish the smudged products and then repack each unit.  Ultimately, not only were 80,000 units reworked and delivered to the customer in three days—with a 30% savings over the cost to perform the work internally—but a second defect was discovered and corrected by the XB Logistics team.  The product arrived on store shelves in time for the fall launch!

XB Fulfillment can not only help you more efficiently manage your rework projects, but we’ll also do it at a cost savings of 30%.

XB Fulfillment increases your customer satisfaction, retention and profitability by having the expertise to get your special projects completed on-time, every time. And … for 30% less than it is costing you today!

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