XB Fulfillment is a 3PL that redefines traditional 3PL offerings—warehousing, distribution and value added services—to deliver operational excellence at significant savings over conventional U.S. based 3PLs.

The company’s management has built XB Fulfillment to take advantage of their unique knowledge and experience.  When combined with its ISO-quality processes and best-in-class IT systems, XB Fulfillment provides a previously unimaginable combination of improved quality at a lower cost.

Our goal is to be nothing short of disruptive. To turn traditional 3PL on its head. To enable your company to not only survive the coming increases in minimum wages and healthcare surcharges, but to instead develop a partnership that will enable you to become more competitive while increasing your bottom line!

Headquartered in Southern California the XB Fulfillment executive team has over 100 years of combined experience in logistics, transportation, supply chain management, and manufacturing.

XB Fulfillment provides customers with a highly cost effective and strategically located global distribution point for shipments moving to, from and within Mexico and the rest of the world.

C-TPAT | Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism