Solving a Cosmetics Company Export Labeling Problem with XB Fulfillment Value-Added Services

A leading manufacturer and distributor of beauty products regularly exports its products globally. The exported products are the same as those sold domestically but require the application of “country of destination” specific labels on each individual product. The process of labeling, not the distributor’s core competency, was very time consuming, a nuisance, and was performed in busy warehouse isles, tying up critical warehouse space and essential working capital.

XB Fulfillment took over the labeling projects and was able to not only reduce the time to label the products from six weeks to seven days, but was also able to reduce the cost as well as implement QC procedures which revealed previously unknown QC metrics on packaging container issues.

Pick, Pack and Ship: From Problem to Worry Free Solution of Retail Displays

A nationally recognized cosmetic company that replaces its point of sale displays twice annually for its large retail pharmacy customer was having a distribution challenge. The displays, shipped to over 4,000 domestic retail locations throughout the United States, in a wide variety of configurations, were commonly being delivered late with the wrong configurations shipped to the wrong retail location. Anxious to expeditiously resolve the problem, the cosmetic company would incur expensive expedited freight charges to overnight replacement displays and then incur incremental labor charges to ensure the displays were installed and ready for the retail launch of their new products in stores. The process was time consuming, costly, frustrating for their customers, and unnecessary.

Drawing from our decades of distribution experience, the XB Fulfillment team designed a solution to ensure the timely delivery of the right displays to the right location without incurring expedited freight charges. The cosmetics company met their delivery requirements and avoided virtually all overnight shipping chargers.

Enabling A Truly Easy Solution to Entering the U.S. Market

A leading multi-billion dollar international beauty company selling direct in over 60 countries around the world, offering a wide range of high-quality health and beauty products, was planning to launch its product line in the United States. In spite of their broad global reach, they had no previous experience distributing in the United States.

Meeting with the XB Fulfillment team they formulated a strategy to manage the physical distribution of products throughout the United States.

Vendor Managed Inventory, a Happy Customer and More Business!

A world-class, highly engineered label converter that designs specialty labels to meet challenging industrial applications was looking for a solution to a client request. Their client, a fortune 500 company, with operations in Mexico, had a “localization” initiative and expected its suppliers to hold inventory “in-country”—attempting to create a just in time production strategy to reduce lead-times, inventory levels and working capital.

The client turned to XB Fulfillment to create a VMI (vendor managed inventory) program to hold inventory “in-country.” By holding inventory closer to their customer, the client was able to satisfy their customer request without incurring the cost, capital and resources to open their own warehouse. Their customer was so pleased with their efforts, within 30 day of announcing compliance with the localization initiative, their customer added additional products to their contract.

Outsourcing Warehousing Operations – Saving Money and Improving Customer Service

A thriving specialty cycling company was contemplating outsourcing its warehousing and fulfillment operations. The owner wanted to spend more of his and his senior managements’ time and energy on developing new and innovative products to help grow market share. He found that operating a warehouse was outside his company’s core competency; he couldn’t afford to hire experienced warehouse management and personnel and therefore his on-time fulfillment and order accuracy suffered. The cycling company had the additional challenge of operating a seasonal business that required more warehouse space than they leased during the busy seasons and left them with expensive excess space during slower seasons.

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