Congratulations, you’ve received your first order from a well-known retailer. Now the hard part, complying with their routing guide. Not only are routing guides long — some are in excess of 100 pages—but they are complex and vary by product type. They describe in elaborate detail information on how to route freight, how to palletize shipments, the type of pallet to use, labeling requirements, packing slips, individual box weight, shipping notifications and the list goes on.

Routing guide compliance is of critical importance. If you don’t follow them to the letter, you will be assessed costly and often significant charge-backs. That’s why when you are choosing a fulfillment partner, you should spend considerable due diligence efforts on making sure they have strong processes and significant experienced at meeting routing guide requirements.

So, whether you are currently struggling to meet retailer requirements or are trying to position your company to become a supplier to one or more mass retailers, XB Fulfillment has the expertise you need to be successful. We have mapped EDI feeds and retailer compliant labels to simplify the compliance process. Among the retailers we already ship to and whose routing guides we have mastered include: