Would a closer, more reliable and cost-effective shipping solution to Mexico help you better support your current customers or enable you to find new ones? Looking for a fast, cost-effective way to enter the Mexican market? We have the 3PL cross-border logistical solution. Whether it’s B2B, ecommerce, or a localization program to support vendor managed inventory in Mexico, our X Direct Mexico programs allows you to not only get closer to your customers and reduce transit times, but to ensure the reliability and integrity of your supply chain.

With X Direct Mexico there’s no need to create a costly legal entity, establish a warehouse, or even hire employees. We’ll ensure the timely delivery of your products for each and every order so you can focus on developing more business!

Cross Border Distribution and 3PL Logistics

Wherever you ship in Mexico, XB Fulfillment has a pick, pack and ship distribution solution to meet your needs.

X Direct Mexico: Looking for a more reliable way to distribute to the Mexican market? X Direct Mexico allows you to get closer and distribute directly to your 3PL customers in Mexico.

Ecommerce: Looking to expand your presence or penetrate the fast growing Mexican consumer market? Want to efficiently increase your existing ecommerce business? Have you found the process challenging and confusing? We’ve developed an innovative and highly cost effective solution called X MexDirect. This customized solution allows you to reach new consumers by having XB Fulfillment set up and manage your importation and distribution process.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI): If your customers have a “localization” program, or just want you closer to their factory in Mexico, we have a solution. With X Direct Mexico, we’ll help ensure compliance with your customers’ just-in-time inventory initiatives or “localization” programs by speeding up delivery times to your customers in Mexico. We can even visit your customers’ sites, count inventory of your products and initiate auto-replenishment orders.

Designed with 24 x 7 security, remote monitoring systems, controlled personnel access and guard-gated entrances, our facility is highly secure. And with our on-line, customer portal, you have 24 x 7 access to order status and customized reporting capabilities on a real-time basis.

Let XB Fulfillment manage your Mexican fulfillment needs with our world-class processes and state-of-the art warehouse management system.

Our Mexican third party logistics services include: Order Fulfillment and Distribution Center Services, such as:

  • Pick/pack/ship
  • Parcel and palletized distribution
  • Stock replenishment
  • Returns management
  • Trans-loading and cross docking
  • Crating/cartonization
  • Cross-border logistical solutions
  • Cello wrapping
  • Break bulk
  • Inventory management