What is kitting?

Kitting is the process in which separate, but related items are packaged and supplied together as a single unit. For example, let’s say you were a manager of a company which created and sold hair products (shampoo, conditioner, and styling gel), and you are planning on attending a trade show to hand out product samples.

At this trade show you gave out samples of your three products, but wanted to minimize waste and give customers sample sized items of all three products within a single box, along with marketing materials about your company and how people can buy your products with a discount code online.

Kitting refers to the assembly of individual components, which are gathered together, as a kit. So, kitting and assembly services is the process of assembling, packaging (and then shipping if appropriate) the product to the customer. Any items that are regularly sent out (or used in conjunction with one another) can benefit from being kitted. If you’re like many companies, custom kitting projects, while critical to the final product, is frequently treated as an afterthought, and are commonly assigned to unreliable, expensive and often unsupervised temporary labor.

What do kitting companies do?

At XB Fulfillment, custom kitting solutions are at the core of what we do. In starting a kitting and assembly project, we’ll review your requirements, create meticulous work instructions, and employ comprehensive quality assurance to ensure your custom kitting specifications are met for each and every order. In short, we’ll ensure kitting accuracy and speed to market.

If you have a last minute kitting project – not a problem for XB Fulfillment. We specialize in rush kitting jobs and pride ourselves in getting it right the first time – every time. If you require lot control, not a problem either. Whether it’s 1,000, 50,000, or 5 million kits, we can help and at savings of 30% over conventional 3PLs.

Learn more about how XB Fulfillment can save you up to 30% on kitting costs! Complete the Quick Contact form on the right and we’ll get a custom kitting quote started for you right away.