Your warehouse is busy fulfilling orders for customers. So, if you’re like many companies, when the request from marketing arrives to send your customer sample packs, you go to crises mode.

You either schedule expensive overtime from overworked staff, or you hire expensive, unreliable temporary labor. In initiating your kitting project, XB Fulfillment will review your requirements, create meticulous work instructions, and employ comprehensive quality assurance measures to ensure your samples specifications are met for each and every order.

From receiving the individual skus to coordinating the delivery of the sample packs to customers, we’ll ensure your samples fulfillment is handled efficiently and delivered on time. Whether it’s 1,000, 50,000, or 5 million, XB Fulfillment can help you save 30% over your internal costs or conventional 3PLs. Complete the Quick Contact form on the right and we’ll get a custom samples quote started for you right away.